Let Us Hope for our Lives for our Freedom ↗

((Very tired
I wish my friend went to the party
Everyone was kissing and my makeout buddy (i dont even know what we are at this point) couldnt make it so I was all awkward and sad and wished he was there; but hell, my Sol was there with me :D gave the birthday girl a $25 giftcard thing for whatpumpkin. She was very happy about that.
Ahhh yeah, Im tired. I am in a better mood lately, but still sad, so I will try my best to get replies up and moving once again


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Let Us Hope for our Lives for our Freedom

You had overheard some nurses chattering about some interesting projects they had planned for the room on the top floor… Wait- thats your room. The night your body must have split to let her have some freedom, they saw it, didnt they?
You then glance over at your phone, almost dead, enough to make a quick call. It was almost sad you had to think about if you should call him or not. You decided it would be for the best if you did, hopefully not triggering him with the situation.
The contact list is then scrolled through until you reach his name, holding the device closer with still small winces escaping you “Hey, I am going to make this quick, I need you to pick me up.. Now. And um… Bring somethin that can protect.”

((So um
As soon as I get home (after thing after school) I will do a read more to update the followers who dont know what is going on and why I will not be as active))

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((Yeah Im too depressed to deal with you people and your thoughts about who I choose to rp with
I will only be on this blog every now and then to reblog or ask questions because I cant handle this
I should be better in a week or two or whatever
Not like it matters
I havent really been on for a good while anyways))

((Im sorry but you guys
You REALLY need to start reading the OOC and about pages
I dont rp with OCs, FCs, or personal blogs. That is the FIRST thing I put under the inportant section on my OOC page. I hate not replying to people because I know what its like to be ignored but just, seriously you guys
I only rp with a few OCs and FCs from the past that I know well
I am sorry.))

*sad feferi noises*

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